Your fans deserve
more of you

Get closer to them with your virtual AI companion avatar, allowing fans to chat and receive content, as if it's really you.
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MoreYOU allows you to create your own AI avatar, fostering intimate relationships with your fans, anytime. This not only extends your reach but also effortlessly opens up a new monetization channel.

How does it works?

1. Add your touch

Submit your unique content - text, audio, or images. You can shape your digital twin by controlling every detail. By defining style, tone, and expression, you ensure your AI version truly resonates with your persona and reflects your individuality.

2. Let the magic unfold

Our AI takes your content and dives deep into your style, voice, and look & feel. It learns and mimics you, creating an uncanny digital replica that goes beyond a simple imitation - it embodies you.

3. Always available, always you

Your digital avatar isn't just a presence; it's a true connection. Interacting with fans, fostering relationships, answering questions, sharing content - just as you would, but available 24/7.

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